Saab J 105 OE


In the 1960s SAAB developed a fast private jet for businessmen, which didn´t meet the civil market´s approval. Instead, the Swedish Air Force showed its interests to use this aircraft as a jet trainer and light fighter-bomber. The Swedish name for this plane is “Sk 60”. From 1969 to 1970 Austria bought 40 pieces of this type with the description “Saab J105 OE”.

The main difference between the Sk 60 and the SAAB J 105 OE are the much stronger General Electric J85-GE-17B engines, which have almost twice the power of the Williams-Rolls FJ44-1C engines of the Sk 60 (12.7kn compared to 8.25kn per engine).

facts and figures


length: 10,50m/34,44 ft

wingspan: 9,50 m/31,17 ft

height: 2,80 m/9,19 ft

wingarea: 16,3 m²


g-limits: +6g / -3g


MTOW: 5700 kg/12566 lbs

max. speed: 510 mph (M0.86)

service-ceiling: 43.000 ft

engines: 2x J85 – GE – 17bSaab

thrust: 2x 12.7 kN

fuel supply: 2050 litres

range: appr. 2000 km/1243 miles



For VIP transports, which is one of our tasks, we have a special version of J 105 OE.

In this modification the two ejection seats are replaced by four fixed seats. Every SAAB 105 OE with ejection seats can be converted into the VIP version.