Nato Tiger Meet 2017 – Landevisiau, FRA

By tigerstaffel

After a long planing process and preparation we startet our journey to Landevisiau on 5th of June with 3 Saab J105 and one C130 Hercules. At arrival we were very warm welcomed by the french Navy as well as by some comrades of our austrian advanced party which arrived some days prior.

In the following two weeks we had many flights every day which where accompanied by great but cool atlantic influenced weather. One flight every day was a COMAO in which several types of aircraft of different nations took part. Each Mission was planned on one day and actually flewn on the following day.

Within our technical capabilities we were able to maximize the training output for our pilots and achieve a big learning effect by the exchange with other nations. 

After we returned to Linz Hörsching, we finished the exercise in a big debriefing in which we summed up of all experiences.

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