Preparation for the AIRPOWER 16

By tigerstaffel


Currently the airfield Linz-Hörsching experiences „Days of Thunder“. The reason for this is the Austrian Tiger Squadron preparing for the Airpower 16, which takes place at the 2nd and 3rd of September 2016.

Almost on a daly basis, experienced squadron pilots are practising the fine art of flying in 4-ship formation,  with four Saab105 OEs. High temperatures as well as tight formations of only some meters distance between the jets, demand everything from the pilots. Detailed briefings before and maximum focus during the flight make the swarm look like a balanced and harmonious unity cutting through the air.

Four aircrafts taking off side by side from an only 60 meter wide airstrip, as well as different formations and the changing of formations during the flight, leaves all spectators with a thrill of anticipation to see the biggest and most spectecular air show in Central Europe, the Airpower 16.

The Austrian Tiger Squadron is looking forward to two „Days of Thunder“ and numerous spectators who will contribute again to an unforgettable event.

For more visit: www.airpower.gv.at