Rivolto 2015

By tigerstaffel

One Week after SIAF 2015 in Sliac, in the morning of the 3rd September a C130 Herkules took of in Linz Hörsching heading to Rivolto Airbase. It was the advance party for our SAAB J105 OE Jets which arrived two hours later. The arrivals were already scheduled long time before. Single the Line Up of Jet Aerobatic Teams let you expect what size the 55th anniversary airshow would get. Among them were the Royal Saudi Hawks, Midnight Hawks, Patrouille de France, Iskry Team, Patrulla Aguila, Patrouille de Suisse and Turk Yildizlari. Even if the weather shortly seemed to stop us, we could execute the flight to Rivolto according schedule. After our arrival we were welcomed by blue sky and pleasant temperatures as well as by the already waiting C130 Herkules. One of our Jets was just after Landing towed to its final parking position at the static display line, while the tiger-painted one was parked with dignity between an Italian MB346 and a polish MIG29.


The Check-In was well organized and so we could quickly get along with the local conditions. The whole organization of the airshow as well as the excellent work of our technical crew made it possible for our solo display pilot to fly the rehearsal on late afternoon and so to impress early guests. After arriving at the hotel in Lignano our team let the evening end with having a dinner together. The following day was used for a short trip to the beach and for preparation for the first day of the airshow.

IMG_3205 Kopie

Despite a short shower of rain, both days of the show were accompanied by great weather and so our complete solo display program could be flown. Also the professional and complexly buildt info desk was very praised by the visitors. The presence of our pilots and technicians all the time was a public magnet and so a lot of questions were answerd and photos taken. Also the sometimes exhibited Pilot-Dummy caused a lot of pictures and videos which will definitely be a great memory for the visitors. Only the most asked question in Rivolto we were unable to answer: „When will be the next Airpower?“ – But we are honored to be able to answer it in the meantime.


On Sunday Evening the whole team was invited to the Crew Party, where the official part was followed by interesting talks to participants of all nations. The next day was filled by preparation, our flight back to Hörsching and also unloading and debriefing. Thereafter we were able to sum it up to a very well done presentation of the Austrian Air Force. We would like to say thank you to alle the visitors for a lot of interesting conversations in Rivolto and we are looking forward to the next airshow of this kind. At the latest, the AIRPOWER16, which is scheduled for the same weekend next year.