Ostrava 2015

By tigerstaffel

From 19.09. to 20.09.2015 the Austrian Tiger squadron participated with two Saab-105Ö at NATO Days & Czech Air Force Days 2015. The formation deployed on Thursday 17.09.2015 from their homebase HÖRSCHING as planned to OSTRAVA (Mosnov airport). The deployment was supported by an Austrian Air Force C-130 Herkules for personnel and material transportation. We made the flight at perfect weather conditions and were able to reach the destination exactly according to schedule. After leaving the runway and an affectionate „Vítaný“ from air traffic control, the formation splitted. Our solo display aircraft RF-26 in tiger colour scheme joined the apron for dynamic display aircrafts and the second one taxied to the static display lane on the other side of the airport. Because of our early arrival, only few aircrafts were already parking at the event area. Although, after a short period of time, we observed many participators approaching MOSNOV. Obviously the events focus was especially on ground show, nevertheless there were some very seldom and interesting aircrafts like B-52H Stratofortress, CV-22B Osprey, E3A Avacs, KC-10 Tanker, etc…


The perfect weather conditions on Thursday enabled a full display for the obligate rehearsal. After some check-in coordinations and after-flight preparations, we occupied the very obliging taxi service to reach our hotel in OSTRAVA. On evening we satisfied our hunger in a nice beer garden and discovered thereafter OSTRAVA’s lively nightlife.

On Friday the crew used the freetime for recovering from the day before and sightseeing tours. Two pilots participated at an event in a bookstore, where they answered interested peoples questions about life as a pilot.
Saturday morning we early left our hotel to catch the bus, escorted by police. At the static display stand, we put up our „tiger-tent“ and prepared the squadron shop for this day. The public area became very crowded after the doors got opened and the show started. Our Saab-105Ö was beleaguered the whole day and the tiger pilots answered a lot of visitors questions. The relationsship between the event and Saab was supported by swedish airforce historic flight. This „flying museum“ showed solo and formation displays with typs Saab JA-37 Viggen, J-29 Tunnan, J-105 and J-35 Draken. The sky got covered by clouds more and more, but our display pilot „Crazy“ managed to show a full display.

The weather on Sunday only made a flat display possible. 150.000 aviation enthusiasts visited the show again and braved cold winds and drizzle. We used every possiblity to talk to pilots of different air forces and collected informations and experiences. The weather conditions forced us to expedite the reorganisation of our exhibition area. We finished our participation with an excellent dinner and talked about our impressions and experiences.

Due to our early departure on Monday, we arrived before sunrise at MOSNOV airport. After flight planning and weather check, the engines were started and we left the airport with an overflight to honour the organisers perfect work.

When we look back, we can be proud about the performance of the Austrian Air Force in Czech Republic. Flying in other countries and getting informations from other air forces is indispensable for our daily business. The tiger squadron wants to compliment the organisers of NATO Days & Czech Air Force Days 2015 and the Czech Army for there excellent work.

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