SIAF 2015

By tigerstaffel

On Thursday 27th August 2015 we were to do it again. The Austrian Tigers flew to Slovakia to take part at the „Slovak International Air Fest 2015“ in Sliac. The SIAF 15 is known as the biggest air show in Slovakia and attracts many famous display teams like the Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille France, Ratrouille Suisse and many more.


Under the command of our squadron commander two SAAB 105 OE from Hörsching flew to Sliac. Of course, the special tiger scheme painted jet, was among them. It was scheduled for two solo displays on both event days. On a very sunny day the four pilots of the Jettrainer Squadron arrived at the airfield in Sliac. Already during the traditional flyover before the landing you could see the big event area crowded with many aircrafts. The imposing feeling to park directly next to a polish MIG 29 was an impressive part of our arrival. Right away we were greeted by the friendly staff and elongated to our crew rooms. After a smooth check-in at the air show reception and a great work of our technicians, the rehearsal of our solo display pilot went down without problems. After everything had been arranged for the show, a shuttle took us to a place close by, called Banska Bystrica, where we checked into our hotel. The first evening we enjoyed in the beautiful historic center with good food and nice weather.

On the next day the whole team relaxed at the local public pool and prepared for the first day of the air show. Again it was sunny with temperatures up to 36 degrees.

On Saturday the show finally started. During our arrival at the air field, we recognized a big crowd of people heading towards the entrance. Again the thermometer showed 36 degrees Celsius on this hot day. The whole team showed exceptional work and performances which made this day go by without a hitch. Both the solo display of the SAAB 105 OE and the stand next to our static plane, which was build up with a lot of effort, got many compliments from visitors and organizers. The permanent presence of our pilots and technicians at the „static-line“ attracted a lot of attention among the visitors. Many of them stopped by to ask questions and take pictures. In the evening our way back to the hotel was a bit exhausting because of the big traffic jam caused by all the visitors on their way home and the missing air conditioning in our bus. Although everyone felt the stress and strains from a long, hot and very busy day, we still used this evening to go out and gather new impressions and memories from Slovakia.

Sunday was as hot as the days before and attracted the most visitors of all days. The tiger squadron did a very good job and everything went smoothly. In the early afternoon our solo display pilot flew his first performance at an air show for the Tiger Squadron. It went pretty well. Again many visitors stopped by to discuss certain aspects with us and they took many pictures. In the evening the organizers invited us to a final get-together on the air field area. Great entertainment, which included a very funny game, was provided and formed a great ending of the SIAF 15. Not too late we went back to our hotel to be ready for our way home the next morning.


Our flight home went by without any problems and the whole team arrived at our home air field in Linz Hörsching before noon. The trip ended with a debriefing and everyone draw a positive conclusion from the visit to the SIAF 15. The Tiger Squadron of the Austrian Air Force is looking forward to an invitation to the SIAF 16.