RIAT 2014 – an extraordinary airshow

By tigerstaffel

The Austrian Tigersquadron was invited to the RIAT in Fairford. We were very excited because it is one of the biggest airshows in Europe, as we could experience during our last visit in 2011. We knew we had a tough task to manage as we had been able to win the Crew Challange three years beforehand. And we wanted to win this competition again…

Fairford airfieldFairford Airfield

This year 16 nations took part in this event. The competition had very difficult challenges:

  • Airplane Identification in the team.
  • Survival training with the special fields:
    • Construct a simple shelter for a person.
    • Light a fire Fire with easy means.
    • Waterboiling under time pressure.
    • Identify two poisonous plants out of 10 presented.
  • Clay pigeon shooting with group evaluation.
  • Steeplechase in the team with timing.
  • Use of a given fight technology in the k. o. procedure against another nation.
  • Team task formulation in the area of Mobility to the examination of the CRM abilities in groups.

Because of an overwhelming commitment of the whole team we could also win the competition again! This internationally appreciated achievement was honoured in very spectacular way. More than 50 Airchiefs, defensive attaches, etc. watched while the amazing award was handed over. The ceremony emphasizes the high education of the Austrian specialized staff.

RIAT07Interested spectators


  RIAT06Spotters everywhere


RIAT051 versus 1 (“chicken fight”)


RIAT04clay pigeon shooting


RIAT03building a shelter


RIAT02The glorious team!


RIAT08Winning ceremony