Airshow Nancy 2014

By tigerstaffel

Just a week after returning from NATO Tiger-Meet 2014, on July 4th, two aircraft took off from Hörsching Airbase in direction of Nancy, France, to start this year’s airshow season for the Tiger-Squadron.
After a one hour flight, which led them over Bavaria, Switzerland and eastern France, the delegation, consisting of 6 personnel with the display aircraft (of course “Tiger”-painted) and the four-seated J105-version, landed at base Aérienne Nancy-Ochey.

IMG_0742The compulsory display-rehearsal was completed on the same day in the afternoon, taking advantage of the good weather conditions, which wouldn’t be as good again during the whole airshow.
Meanwhile, the crew of the static-aircraft had the opportunity to witness a lesson for the airshow organizers. It is not advisable to put up tents close to the static ramp, before all attending aircraft completing their lineup, especially if one of it has as powerful engines as a Eurofighter.
The first day, despite promising program, the airshow started only slowly due to bad weather. A frontal system had made it in time for the weekend to bring low clouds and lots of rain, allowing only displays of smaller and slower aircraft in the morning. Also as a result, our squadron-shop had to be taken under a small roof to escape the heaviest rainfalls. However, this was no hindrance for the hardcore fans and spotters to visit us and take the opportunity to chat about the squadron and our aircraft. But, unfortunately, visitor numbers were far behind the expectations of the organizers.
The first time that day it became really loud, was around noon, when our display pilot insisted to show at least a “rolling” display, which was enthusiastically received by the audience. When weather cleared a bit towards the end of the day, it allowing at least some jet displays to bel flown for the remaining visitors.

Since the Airbase Nancy-Ochey is home to four Mirage 2000D squadrons, the Static-Ramp was mainly dominated by these fighter-bombers. However, other highlights such as the Mirage F1, the German “Tiger” -Eurofighter and the Mirage F1 could also be seen at static display.
The weather on the second air show day was fortunately a lot better and was interrupted only twice because of brief rain showers. Therefore, the Saab 105 solo display could be flown as planned as well as most of the other displays. Also a lot more visitors showed up, which led to a big onrush for our “Tiger-Shop”.
Other highlights of the air show were the last flying display of the Mirage F1 before decommissioning, the Mirage 2000D double-display and of course the Rafale Solo-Display.