Belgian Air Force Days

By tigerstaffel

On tha 13th and 14th of September 2014 the BELGIAN AIR FORCE DAYS were held at KLEINE BROGEL Air Base. KLEINE BROGEL is the home base of the 31 Tigers, who are also members of the NATO Tiger Association (NTA). The Austrian Tiger squadron flew to Belgium with two aircraft and 6 men one day before the official start of the airshow on 12th of September. For the flight demonstration we were able to bring our Tiger painted aircraft. On Friday after the rehearsal was completed  and the static aircraft was moved the parking position, we were brought to our hotel in Hasselt.

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On Saturday morning we went back to the base. Unfortunately the weather was too bad to begin the flight demonstrations. In addition the static aircraft was too far away from the audience, so we could not build up our information stand next to the aircraft. Nevertheless we found a suitable place quickly –  justs next to our NTA comrades of the Dutch F16 squadron 313.

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After the morning fog and the coldness disappeared, the flight demonstrations started in late morning. Beside the numerous F-16 demonstrations, a lot of aerobatic teams demonstrated their skills. In addition to the well-known teams such as FRECCE TRICOLORI, RED ARROWS or PATROL DE FRANCE the newly formed Saudi Arabian Aerobatic Team AL FUSAN was flying a display for the first time at an airshow. Trained by the Frecce Tricolori, the pilots offered on the first go a demanding program with their Aermacchi MB-339 aircraft. After the airshow and the return transfer to the hotel, we spent the evening in Hasselt.

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On Sunday the weather unfortunately hadn’t improved. Fog, coldness, and no chance for flight demonstrations. Luckily at noon the fog finally disappeared and the first aircraft departed. The remaining hours were re-scheduled by the display director, so unfortunately there was no room for the presentation of our display. In the evening the crew-party and the gift exchange with the host nation took place.

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On Monday morning we flew back to our homebase. After initial difficulties with the flight plan, we were able to fly back and land safely in HÖRSCHING.

 After all: a well attended airshow with a lot of flying highlights.